Weber County, UT — Multifamily Market Report (2021)

Weber County Multi-Family Market Report: [Download Report]

How does Weber County look for investors?

Our team has been watching Weber County for quite some time. FIG’s home has been located along the Wasatch Front since the beginning and Weber County is right in our backyard.

While the area has been growing and has a diverse employment base, only recently have the rents been raised to the point that new construction properties can cashflow. Thanks to the consistent growth across all of Utah, rental housing demand is now strong in Weber county.

Rents are robust and employment is plentiful. The rising cost of commodities (and potentially interest rates too), is expected to continue driving rents in an already business and landlord-friendly metro.

You can download the report by clicking here.

What’s in the report?

The confidence FIG has in a build-to-rent project rests in a solid understanding of the market. A strong commitment to due diligence includes each member of the team often traveling to the prospective market, discussing the area with local brokers and lenders, and devoting time to keep a pulse on news/trends about the area.

This report compiles the most relevant news about the Weber County market that we’ve come across—all packaged into one place for you.

Feel free to read through the highlights on each page, or click on the headings to jump over to the full reports.

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Who is FIG?

The Fourplex Investment Group (FIG) is a partnership of both individuals and companies who provide new construction multifamily for investors looking to expand their portfolios. Since 2013, FIG has built over 4,000 doors of multifamily units—providing investors with over $500M in cash-flowing properties.

FIG projects are built in growing markets, experience low vacancy rates, and are located in high-demand employment growth areas.

Weber County Multi-Family Market Report: [Download Report]

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