How Many Units Can I Buy?

Whether you’re an inspiring investor looking to start your portfolio, or a seasoned one looking to expand, a common question we get is… How many units can I buy?

Ultimately, there are two big factors that play a role.

First, you’ll need to go in and determine eligibility for a single purchase. You’ll need to be qualified for at least one fourplex, duplex, or triplex purchase.

After that, the biggest factor is really just cash. If you have the ability to make a 25% down payment continually as you grow your portfolio, then you have the ability to come in and buy multiple properties with FIG.

That might mean having multiple fourplexes under construction at the same time, or you might need to come in and stagger them so that your purchases are 6-12 months apart.

Evaluating your purchase ability is something we’re really good at figuring out and giving guidance on with investors. Especially when they’re looking to purchase multiple properties with the Fourplex Investment Group.

Our preferred lender has helped around 50-75 individuals who have bought at least five fourplexes over the last six or seven years. If this is something you’re interested in, let us know and we’ll have a discussion about it and see how quickly you could grow your real estate portfolio through the process.

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