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December 2023

Hayden Farms has seen significant construction progress since the last update! 18 fourplexes have now received their certificates of occupancy. The clubhouse is expected to receive a certificate of occupancy in early Spring 2024. Until then, Maxx Property Management will work out of a leased back unit in phase 1. Showings to prospective tenants are underway. Construction continues to move eastward, with all units mostly, if not completely framed, and with most units complete on exterior stucco, etc. Check out the latest drone footage below and please contact your designated FIG agent with any questions.

July 2023

Certificates of occupancy are near on the west side of the project, as the construction team continues to finish up electrical panel installation and clarify the turnover process with the City of Surprise. As seen in the drone footage, construction continues to move eastward, with most buildings in some stage of foundation, framing, or exterior work. The clubhouse is framed and the pool is scheduled to start construction in the next 30-45 days. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your designated FIG agent.

February 2023

We have fresh drone footage at Hayden Farms! The first C of O is expected to be received Early Spring of 2023. Roadway is almost ready for asphalt in phase 1 and has already been poured in phase 2.

Plumbers and electricians are working their way through the buildings on the west side of the project now, with framers completed in phase 1, now rolling into phase 2.

Roofing and exteriors are also moving through phase 1, with unused materials being stored on various lots through phase 2. Exterior work is well underway, as you can see scaffolding and stucco in place, if not already finished on some buildings.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your designated FIG agent.

October 2021

Construction is now underway at Hayden Farms! While it doesn’t look like much yet, we’re making progress. The site has been graded and horizontal development is already nearing completion. With most of Phase 1 closed, permits are set to be picked up with “vertical” construction starting shortly thereafter.

We expect to close the majority of Phases 1-4 by the end of this year, with the remaining phases closing toward the end of Q1 2022 (depending on some plat map corrections that are underway).

You can watch our latest drone footage of Hayden Farms by clicking on the video above. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your designated FIG agent.

March 2021

About the Project

Hayden Farms is one of our latest projects and will be located right near the northwest corner of N Cotton Ln and W Cactus Rd in Surprise, Arizona.

This is a different product type compared to our Village on Greenway project. The development will feature 39 fourplexes and 9 duplexes. All townhouse-style units. For the type of neighborhood, we feel like this will be a good fit and add a diverse product type to the area.

We’ve posted some 3D renderings of what that’s going to look like. You can see that this project is going in right next to Paradise Honors High School, the Sterling Grove Golf Club, and is within a half-mile of multiple dealerships and a Costco.

With our Hayden Farms build-to-rent multifamily, we aim to provide an attainable rental in a new, clean community with amenities. One that a family can aspire to and be able to get into.

We’ve got units that are 1,350 square feet with an attached two-car garage. Hayden Farms has units that are almost 1,700 square feet with a one-car attached garage. This project will have the ability for people to have different floor plans to choose from in these units. Each of which is primarily townhouse-style units.

Our team will be bringing in the usual basic amenities including a pool, clubhouse, etc. This project will be a gated community. We anticipate tenants who are going to be working up and down the 303 and headed to all different parts of the Valley or working there in Surprise. We’re excited to bring this one to the market.

“It’s taken almost two years to get this project to market. One of the challenging issues that we had to overcome was the floodplain that went across about half of this project. We had to work with adjoining property owners to go through the CLOMR application. It has just taken a long, long time.

All the accolades that we showered on the city of El Mirage, we would say the same thing about Surprise. It has been fantastic to work with them. [Their] planners, their engineers, everyone that’s involved, they’ve done a great job. And I’m seeing it firsthand.” – Garret Seely, Director of Acquisition and Development (FIG)

We are very excited to be here and thankful to the City of Surprise and all of the other entities and people that have been involved. We always can appreciate it when we’re working through a project like this and everybody we worked with struck a really good balance between holding to the development plan and keep the city in their best interest but also helping us move forward.

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