Cities of Surprise and El Mirage, AZ Discuss Hayden Farms

Thomas Doyle, Economic Development Manager (City of El Mirage)

“I love your product…you’re offering something that’s different than what we traditionally see with the investor style. I wish you a huge success. We are going to do everything we can from the city of El Mirage to help promote this development.”

Sintra Hoffman, President (WESTMARC)

“Just a few stats for you. The median age of the West Valley is now 35 years old. That’s getting a lot younger and your product is definitely in line with the younger crowd. Ottawa University obviously being in in Surprise, great amenities along Bell Road, [and] the robust health care systems that we have in the West Valley. [FIG’s projects are] just really tying very well into this and our strategy to attract more of the young talent and tech market moving forward.

“We really appreciate [FIG] and…seeing what you’re doing throughout the Northwest Valley and in Phoenix, really is changing the landscape of those communities. So we appreciate your time…”

Mike Hoover, Economic Development Manager (City of Surprise)

“The City of Surprise was one of the fastest-growing cities from 2000 to 2010. After the Great Recession, the city went 8 years without a multifamily project being submitted for review by city officials.

We are really excited because, in the last 18 months, we’ve had a lot of new product, a very diverse group of multifamily product that is being introduced into the community. Not just to one specific area, but along [Rte] 303, along some of our major commercial corridors, whether it be Bell rd, Lichfield rd, and then also into our city center.

From someone who went through the great recession in the community and saw the pullback. Now to see what I consider to be some catch-up work with great investment groups like the Fourplex Investment Group coming in—to bring that diversity of housing stock. It is so needed and so important. It really is providing that type of choice for our community members and our new community members that are coming in…”

“One of the amenities you have nearby [Hayden Farms] was the new school at Legacy. So it looks like both of your projects (Hayden Farms and the Village on Greenway) are located next to schools…I think [this] is so important for these families as they’re making those decisions.”

“One of the things that is challenging sometimes for people that aren’t in development is that projects like yours had to have the patience and the resources to be able to take a non-commercially viable site that’s in a floodplain…[and] be able to put that expertise to it, work with the various jurisdictions, and end up at the federal level for approval…and ultimately turn a site on to be commercially viable for a community.

For an area like this to have a parcel like that—that is not commercially viable—is actually limiting. The private sector, being able to make these types of investments, to have the patience, to go through the proper process, is something that should be applauded, and really celebrated.

Now you’re going to have new community members that can come in off of a site that was not commercially viable just 18 months ago. So thank you for your time, patience, and investment. I’m glad a lot of the parcels in Surprise aren’t like this, but the ones that are, we appreciate the private sector coming in and bringing solutions.”

“I know there are a lot of great multifamily and different types of housing developers coming into greater Phoenix because of the market potential…to see the representation that [FIG] provided with the different products and the different locations—It’s just fantastic.”

Sources: WESTMARC 2021

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