Can I Subdivide a FIG Fourplex?

Sometimes we get the questions…

“I bought a fourplex and it’s platted as four townhouses. Can I subdivide it?”

“Can I chop it up into four townhouses instead of one tax ID for one fourplex?”

“Can I do this to then sell the fourplex as four separate units?”

The answer is, maybe. We strongly advise that you do not go into the buying/building process with subdividing your units being your primary exit strategy.

If subdividing your fourplex becomes available down the road, great… But you’ll have to get HOA approval and most likely approval from the city and/or county as well. You’re also going to have to spend anywhere from $2-4k with an engineer to record a new plat and move it through the approval process.

Once that is all done, the new plat can be recorded and that fourplex turns into four separate tax ID numbers. At this point, you’ve created four separate properties and divided your units.

It might be possible, but it’s really dependent on the construction type that was used, the city, the HOA, etc.

There are some variables that are beyond our control and beyond your control. If you can get it, great (but I wouldn’t plan on it).

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